About Ashlee Karin

All those little tidbits you wanted to know about that chica, Ashlee Karin.

Armando L Rosales

Yeah, she’s kind of awesome.

Ashlee started her modeling career by setting up a timer on a point and shoot camera and posing in her bedroom in 2008. After uploading those photos to Model Mayhem, she started networking with professional photographers and was quickly able to remove the poorly edited images she originally had. Since then her professional network and resume has exploded with talent.

Ashlee Karin has been printed in multiple magazines, worked with several photographers, taken hundreds of photos, and even has been working on film.

Ashlee loves writing and reading. She is stubborn and very opinionated (you’ll find that out on her blog), but she loves learning new things and hearing other’s ideas. She spends countless hours checking Facebook (and is trying to cut that down to a healthy amount!). She is a big fan of any kind of food and loves trying new cuisine. Ashlee is convinced she is allergic to excercising, because her skin gets flushed, shortness of breath, and heart racing…very dangerous.

(Check out her modeling career with the links below)

 Gallery / Credits / Details AshleeKarin.com / Model Mayhem

Credit to SullivanStudiosPhotography.com

Credit to SullivanStudiosPhotography.com

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