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Find the light






There is darkness in us all. Some of us just hide it better.





Travel Plans

What can I say… When I dream, I dream BIG. has been amazing for flight comparison for Guatemala – Panama for Peru – Argentina
CIFA for a bus from Ecuador to Peru … although I read a horror story on here about that particular over night bus for train from beijing to Vietnam

Transportation to Each Major Country (cost calculated for 1 person) USD$4,881

Visas USD$150

Food USD$2,025

Hotel/Hostel/Camping USD$3,700


I am currently calculating costs for (and would love resources to);

Inner country transportation USD$

Activities USD$

Souvenirs USD$

Postal/Package Mailing USD$

Emergencies USD$

Other USD$



(most likely flight to US then to Guatemala as it is cheaper )

Guatemala for 2 weeks…

Travelings from Guatemala over road (Via Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica) to Panama  (flight) to

Colombia … travel to Brazil over road…

Brazil for 2 weeks…

travel down Amazon river (1 week) to Argentina (stay for 1 week)… flight out of Buenes Aires…

(most likely to United States then to Australia as it is cheaper by about half!) flight to

Australia (stay 1 week); (flight) to

Indonesia over road (Via Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China); (ferry to)

Laos for 2 weeks..

Japan; (flight) to

(most likely flying Japan – Malaysia – India because it is cheaper by about half)

India staying 2 weeks; (flight) to

Jordan over road (via Israel) to ( in May) Egypt -> (Flight) to

(Staying 3 months traveling Europe … then flight back to United States)

Greece … ( ticle_croatia_to_greece.html)

Using Rail system to go to – >









Portugal -> (flight to)




United Kingdom – > (flight to)










Back to US via flight from Denmark

Memory Lane

Sometimes I write poems. They are O.K.


Trying to recollect the steps down memory lane,

wondering if my futile attempts are in vain.


One would think,

without ink. 

The past would remain,

to drive one insane.


Was it this way or that?

Changing by the tip of a hat.


Within a moment of time,

one would look at a line.

Forever lost,

within a rhyme.


“I know what the important things are in life. I know that just because I pretend to be someone else for two hours on the silver screen doesn’t make me a better person than the next man. So, I mind all those things. Simple things.” – Colin Farrell

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