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Top Secret Wedding Project!


I’m terrible at secrets.

It’s true.

I am working on a digital art project for the wedding invites that I am very excited about.

If you follow here and at I will be revealing piece by piece the project.

I might even choose one platform over the other to release all the details, including how to design your very own versions!

Lazy Days

Lazy days are not always bad days.

Sometimes your body just needs a bit of rest.

Sometimes you just need to quiet your mind.

Close your eyes.


But I swear if Ellie groans (not growls) at me one more time when I move my legs her whole 60lbs has plopped on to pass out…

Who am I kidding… I’m not gonna do nothing. She’s just too irresistibly cute!

She knows it, too.

The Battle Cry

If words alone were powerful, the person who crafted the dictionary would surely be our ruler; The author of the thesaurus a worthy adversary, dicing up kingdoms ruled only by words.

Yet, it is not words alone that are almighty. They sit, heaped in a pile, whose only solo intimidation is their vastness of size.

The writer, who strings the words together to bring about a story. The poet, whose words illicit an emotion in rhyme. The politician, whose words propagate us forward and backward. The Activist, whose words inspire us through time. The real power is in ones ability to wield the words together.

The true sword versus the pen.

Lil ole Island Blues

We found a perfect little doggy friendly island across a bridge that we greatly enjoy the swims at!

🚤…….. 🌊 No wake zone!

Do you have a favorite place to go and get away?

Adventures on Paws?

Playing in the instant swimming pool from the rain!

Howard and Eleanor decided Covid wasn’t going to put their adventures on PAWS!

Sometimes it’s hard to want to get out of bed in the morning, but these two always find a way to brighten up the day.

Be sure to follow along on their adventures on to see more great photos from this stormy instant pool.

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