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Bucket List: Learn 100 Basic American Sign Language Signs

I wasn’t sure what inspired me to choose to sign up for ASL as my language for my college degree. Maybe some part of this bucket list remained in the back of my mind when I was choosing my courses. Either way, I completed my first semester Fall 2018 of ASL with a B+ and am signed up for Spring 2019 to round out the language requirement for my Bachelors degree.

It was easy to learn 100 basic ASL signs with the amazing teacher that I had – Professor Rebecca Cotton. It’s an hour drive north to the campus (only after work hours ASL class available), but worth it to have her as my teacher.

A new kind of adventure

In July I signed the mortgage for a new home. It feels pretty good. A new kind of adventure.

Photo Shoot: Myke Warthen

Threw on my new bathing suit and headed to the beach!

Bucket List: Fish and Chips in London

We may have missed our flight from Greece to London, but there was no way I was missing out on Fish and Chips in London. ♥️ (Also our flight back to the states was out of London… so really not a huge decision to be made here)

So after waiting hours in the airport, we caught a second flight late to London.

We slept in the most beautiful penthouse overlooking the London Eye and woke up bright and early (just kidding – we woke up at noon) and made our way to The Rock and Sole Plaice (which are apparently types of fish! Clever name).


Bucket List: Greece

So I enjoyed both an authentic Greek salad and olives while in Greece. However, I ran out of time to get my Gyro! I know, I know – how could I be so careless? I guess it just means we will have to go back again…

One of the best parts of our stay in Athens was our AirBnB. We had a huge covered patio with direct access to our own rooftop 360 degree view. From our patio we were able to see the Acropolis (and for whatever reason my camera makes it look further away than when you are actually standing on the patio looking at it.)

There we’re so many cats!

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