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Something to be excited about!

I lock myself in a room with a computer, phone, and a calculator.

Budgeting! That’s right – this blog is about something to be excited about, and that’s right again; I said Budgeting! I love it. I love planning for an entire day, week, month… but what really makes me ecstatic is budgeting for the entire year, and you guessed it; I did that this month.

Why Budgeting, you ask? I don’t know. I LOVE numbers. I love counting how much money I have, spent, saved, stored away, etc. I love writing numbers down in an organized fashion, adding dates to them, plugging them onto a calendar. I love budgeting! I love making budgets for myself, my family, my partner, my dog… It really is something to get excited about.

When saving for old age, be sure to put away a few pleasant thoughts. – Anonymous

Whenever I start my yearly budgeting plan – I lock myself in a room with a computer, phone, and a calculator. I write down the entire year – with approximate weekly/bi-weekly checks. I write down the approximate pay dates for all my bills. I write down my goals. I write down special events taking place. Of course, planning for life does not stop the bumps you come across in reality. I start to get a little anxiety while I am writing the budget – “What if I lose my job!” “What if I don’t make this deadline!” “What if an unexpected expense comes up!” “What if I miscalculated my budget..!!”

But when I start to see how organized my expected funds are, I feel like I have a millionaire’s fortune!

I just love to see all those numbers written down.  I love planning. Making goals. Budgeting. Bucket lists. Resolutions. Making Strategies for success. Blueprinting my life. With budgeting and saving I have been able to travel the entire USAI try to stop at a year. I do find myself making 3 year, 5 year, 10 year plans. 

I hope you can get excited about budgeting too! Let me know when you start your budget and we can keep each other accountable to our dreams!

The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind. – T.T. Munger

Photoshop Ruined my Self-Esteem

self-es·teem (noun)  1. confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.

Those poor woman, back in the 1500’s, who couldn’t reach the glorious standard of painted artist’s visions of perfect women. How did they ever deal with their low self-esteem developed from comparing to the strokes of an artist?!

Confidence is sexy. Not to be confused with arrogance.

Society may not like me for this post since it goes against popular belief of “Photoshop ruined my self-estem”, but that may, honestly, be the biggest cop-out I have ever heard.

Does auto-tune cause one to have self esteem issues? Let me assure you, I cannot sing to save my life. Auto-Tune wouldn’t even be able to save my voice from making your ears bleed. To top it all off, I come from a family of talented singers! So the pressure to have a perfect voice overflowing with harmony surely exploded in my face when I let out my first screeching note and tried to clap along to a beat… When I hear people sing amazing – I do not think of myself as less of a person, I do not get jealous; instead I appreciate their talents (auto-tuned or not).

What you see pictured below is me with a mass of make-up on my (photoshopped) face, an overtly sexy outfit on a rockin’ hot (photoshopped) body in which I have actually had people tell me “That looks nothing like you.”

Roland Moriarty - Mayhem #2280234

Roland Moriarty – Mayhem #2280234

Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt.

Of all people to claim low self-esteem from such unrealistic expectations – would it not be the model who had to go through the society’s sigh of missed expectation when she walks out the door actually looking like a disastrous mess of a human we all are; hair in ponytail, sweatpants on, acne, no make-up, dark circles under her eyes…

Many (not all) of my photos undergo rigorous Photoshop in order to create the artists  desired image. I’m the one IN these photos. When I wake up in the morning, walk past a mirror and see the un-Photoshop version of me – I do not suddenly shriek back, withering away with my low self esteem, due to unmet perfection.

I go to work everyday with no make-up on and I have acne on my face and cellulite on my ass – and I’m as still confident as you would come to believe the apparently flawless woman in the images you see pictured would be (Still even after someone tells me again “But seriously, this picture looks nothing like you!).

Gulf Coast in Focus

Gulf Coast in Focus

It is called “self” esteem, it is how you feel about your “self”. YOU are responsible for your happiness. YOU are responsible for the highs and lows of your self-esteem. Not your friends or media or your partner or your family. Blaming media for poor self-esteem is a way of casting off responsibility for ones self. Work on YOUR self-esteem. Stop comparing yourself to others, and instead work on bettering yourself only compared to the YOU of yesterday.

If you allow the world to dictate how you feel about yourself, you will live hating the very skin you were born in.

    • Help build self-esteem by developing a positive attitude
    • Reject the desire to compare yourself to others or make unrealistic and unhealthy expectations
    • Act with confidence to lead in your communities
    • Identify adults who can act as role models
    • Act as positive role models for younger girls

Note: Struggling with Low Self Esteem and Depression is very real, and should be diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. If you, or a loved one, are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts then you should seek professional counseling.

Disney in December

I interrupt your end-of-week madness to document that I did indeed meet one of my 2013-2014 Goals.

Disney in December

There are at least 100 additional pictures from Disney, but I am limited on the amount of photos I can upload to this free blog site – so I picked my two favorites. I had a wonderful time exploring Disney in Florida with my family, and wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. That whole week, over Thanksgiving, I got to spend time with my Grandma as well. It was just really nice getting to see my family again, which is a rare treat.

For me, an important goal to the goals is to be sure I document these events as well. I will attempt to do this with both my 2013-2014 Goal list, as well as my Life’s New Year Resolution list (aka my bucket list). My bucket list post I will copy and paste and re-post every New Year (hopefully – if I stay disciplined to my updating my blog) with links to the blog post marking the achievements. 

Life’s New Year Resolution

Google defines resolution as a firm decision to do or not to do something.

The new year has come. Before you know it, it too will pass far to quickly. The celebratory tradition is to make resolution’s for the new year. Whether it’s to go to the gym, eat healthier, quit smoking, try that one thing you’ve been swearing all year you’d try, or finally travel to your dream destination. Whatever it may be… have you made your resolutions yet?

People make resolutions all year long, but January 1st is just the understood time to share them. Some people follow through, and others fall through. When they fall through, people find themselves discouraged. The biggest difference between achievement and failure of reaching one’s goals, that I have seen, is whether or not they were written down. I already prematurely set out my 2013-2014 Goals, broken down by month back in November.

I still wanted to jump on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon so I am just going to knock out the next 80+ years of New Year Resolutions (also known as a Bucket List). Why? The famous motto “Go big or go home”. This way every year I can update my Bucket List on what I have achieved and add any new interests I would like to complete before I am living the buried life.

I figured these few items should keep me busy for the next few years:

Climb a Rock Wall
Drink Only Water For a Year
Go For Walk in Central Park
Go Ice Skating (Achieved 2013)

Achieve 1,000 Goals
Add a Picture /video/blog of all my Goals
Attend a 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Course
Attend a Poetry Reading
Attend a Yoga Class
Attend an Inner Awakening Retreat
Be a Mentor to Someone
Be a Part of an Important Movement
Be a Part of Habitat For Humanity
Be Blind For a Day
Be on Stage in Front of Thousands of People
Be Part of a Disaster Relief Team
Be Part of a Peaceful Protest
Be Passionate About a Cause
Become an Early Riser
Become Courageous
Become First Woman President
Break a Guinness World Record
Build Schools For Women and Girls in Developing Countries
Buy a Stranger a Meal at a Restaurant
Change Someone’s Life For the Better
Completely “Unplug” For a Week
Create a Travel Journal
Cut my Hair and Donate It
Dance Like No Ones Watching
Do 365 Random Acts of Kindness in a Year
Do a Buddha Meditation
Do a Favor For a Stranger on the Scale of “Pay It Forward”
Do a Twenty-Four Hour Silence
Do Charity Work Abroad
Do Something Crazy For Charity
Do Something New Every Month For a Year
Do Something Nice For a Homeless Person
Do Something Nice For Someone Who Will Never Find Out

Coast to Coast Train Trip
Couchsurfing in 10 Countries
Cross-Country Road Trip (Achieved 2012-2013)
Cruise Around the World
Cruise Mexico
Cruise the Caribbean
Cruise to Alaska
Cruise to Antarctica
View the Golden Gate Bridge (Achieved 2013)
Drive Along Route 66 (Achieved 2012)
Drive Along the Pacific Coast Highway (Achieved 2012)
Drive Around Australia
Drive from Home to the East Coast (Achieved 2012)
Experience the Grand Canyon
Explore Africa
Explore Asia and the Far East
Explore Australia and New Zealand
Explore the Amazon Rainforest
Explore the Desert on a Camel Safari in India
Explore the Galapagos Islands
Get a Lei in Hawaii
Get a Self Portrait in Italy
Get Lost in a Foreign Country
Go Backpacking Through Europe
Go on a Gondola in Venice
Go on a Real African Safari
Go Shopping in Milan
Go Swimming in the Dead Sea
Go to a Big Medieval Fair
Go to a Big Time Movie Premiere in Hollywood
Go to a Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan
Go to Brazil
Go to China During Chinese New Year
Go to Colorado (Achieved 2012)
Go to Egypt

Be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year
Become a Cheese Connoisseur
Become a Film Maker
Become a Freelance Writer
Become a Programmer
Become a Published Author
Become a Runway Model (Achieved 2012)
Become a Supermodel
Become a Translator
Become a Travel Writer
Become a Wine Connoisseur
Become an Author a Successful Blog

Travel By Seaplane
Backpack Across Europe
Backpack Across South America
Backpack Across the Himalayas
Backpack Appalachian Trail
Backpack South East Asia
Backpack Trough Australia
Backpacking Through New Zealand
Camp in the Backyard
Travel the Amazon River
Climb a Mountain
Climb a Pyramid
Cross Country on a Train
Drive around Big Sur (Achieved 2013)
See the Northern Lights
Stay in Death Valley (Achieved 2012)
Hike in Nepal
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit Yosemite National Park
Hike Machu Picchu

Bake a Cake For Someone For No Reason
Bake my Own Bread
Cook 30 Recipes from 30 Different Countries in 30 Days
Cook an Entire Meal from Another Culture
Eat a Gyro in Greece
Eat a Lobster in Main (Achieved 2012)
Eat a Six-Course Meal That I Prepared
Eat a Traditional Food from Every Country
Eat Apple Strudel in Vienna, Austria
Eat Cajun Food in New Orleans (Achieved 2014)
Eat Chinese Food in China
Eat Chocolate in Belgium
Eat Crepes in France
Eat Curry in India
Eat Fish and Chips in London
Eat Greek Salad in Greece
Eat Maple Syrup Pancakes in Canada
Eat Mexican Food in Mexico
Eat Olives in Greece
Eat Pasta in Italy
Eat Poi in Hawaii
Eat Ribs at an American BBQ (Achieved 2012)
Eat Sushi in Japan
Eat Using Chopsticks in Asia

Create Passive Income
Establish my Business Before I Turn 40
Gain Financial Freedom
Go an Entire Month Without Spending Any Money
Invest in a Stock
Invest in Gold
Invest in Real Estate
Invest in Silver
Invest in the Stock Market
Save $10,000
Stay on a Strict Budget and Save For a Goal

Attend a Presidential Inauguration
Attend a Sydney Opera House
Attend a TED Talk
Attend a Writing Class
Become Bilingual
Become Fluent in French
Become Fluent in German
Become Fluent in Italian
Become Fluent in Spanish
Complete a Course to Become a Photographer
Complete a Novel
Complete a Rubik’s Cube
Complete all the Books from ’1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die’
Complete an Online Class
Do Crosswords Every Day For a Month
Do Sudoku Every Day For a Year
Get a Scholarship For University
Get a TEFL Qualification
Get Certified As a Lifeguard
Go on a University Exchange
Know the Alphabet Backwards
Learn 100 Basic American Sign Language Signs
Learn a Burlesque Routine
Learn a Computer Programming Language
Learn a Form of Martial Arts
Learn a New Language and Speak It Fluently
Learn a New Word Every Day For a Year
Learn a New Word from an Unknown Language Every Day For 30 Days
Learn a Trade

Attend a High School Reunion
Attend One Wine Tasting a Month
Create a New Family Tradition
Grow Old With the Love of my Life
Have 50Th Wedding Anniversary
Have a Cup of Coffee With a Stranger
Have a Picnic in Central Park, New York
Have a Romantic Flight in a Hot Air Balloon

Apply to Be a Jeopardy Contestant
Apply to Be an Amazing Race Contestant
Attend a Broadway Show
Attend a Charity Ball
Attend a Cirque Du Soleil Show
Attend a Concert As V.I.P
Attend a Film Premiere
Attend a Lantern Festival
Attend a Masquerade Ball
Attend a Paint Party
Attend Carnival
Be in Time Square on New Years Eve
Build a Snowman Taller Than Me
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland
Celebrate the 4Th of July in Washington Dc
Dance Salsa in Rio Di Janeiro
Dance With an African Tribe
Dine in the Dark
Do a Boudoir Photoshoot
Drink a Glass of Red Wine in Chile
Drink Champagne in France
Drink Guinness in Ireland
Drink Rum on a Caribbean Beach
Drink Tequila in Mexico

Act in a Movie That Hits Theaters Nationwide
Act in a Short Film
Appear As an Extra in a Drama
Appear in a Music Video
Appear on Television
Attempt a New Recipe Once a Month For a Year
Be a Part of New York Fashion Week
Be on More Than 4 TV Shows
Become Great at Playing Guitar
Build a Computer
Build a Functioning Solar Still
Build a Giant Sand Castle
Build a Gingerbread House from scratch
Live in a Log Cabin
Put together a complex Puzzle
Build a Sauna in my Home
Build an awesoe Tree House
Build a Website
Build Affordable Green Communities
Complete a Painting in One Day
Complete a Wine Journal
Create a Children’s Book
Create a College Photo Album
Create a Documentary
Create a Publication
Put together a Scrapbook
Create an Iphone Application
Create Melted Crayon Art
Decorate a House

Capture a Tornado on Film
Circumnavigate the Globe By Sail
Climb to the Top of a Rope in a Gym
Cross a Country With Bicycle or By Foot
Do a Firewalking
Do a Polar Bear Plunge
Do Human Bowling
Go at the Top of the Highest Building of the World
Go Bull Riding
Go Dog Sledding
Go Go-Karting
Go Into a Zero Gravity Room
Go Storm Chasing
Go White Water Rafting
Go Zip Lining
Hang Glide
Have a Nascar Experience
Jump into a Fountain

Arrive at an Airport and Take a Flight Randomly
Attend a Beach Bonfire
Attend a Beach Party
Attend a Mind Reading Show
Attend an Event at Buckingham Palace
Bathe In Chocolate
Bathe In Milk
Bathe In Oil
Be a Contestant on a Game Show
Be a Couchsurfing Host
Be a Flashmobber
Be a Member in the TV Audience
Be a Street Performer For a Day
Be a Vintage Model For a Day (Achieved 2012)
Be a YouTube Star
Be an Extra in a Television Show
Be in 5 Magazines (Achieved 2014)
Be in Two States at Once
Be Inside an Igloo
Be Interviewed By Jay Leno
Be Interviewed On Oprah
Be Invited to the Playboy Mansion
Be Listed As One of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People
Be Nude on a Nude Beach
Be on a Radio Show
Be on the Cover of a Magazine (Achieved 2012)
Be on the Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine
Be on the Front Page of a Major Newspaper
Be on Webcam With Someone For Twenty Four Hours
Be Photographed Beside the Pyramids of Giza
Be Smiling in a Random Persons Photo in the Back
Become Ambidextrous
Belong to a Secret Society
Blow Bubbles in the Rain
Buy Someone’s Groceries Just Because
Call Someone, Tell Them to Look Out Their Window, and Be Standing on Their Front Lawn
Celebrate my Birthday in Another Country
Change Clothing in a Phone box
Climb a Light House
Collect a Coin from Every Country I Visit
Collect a Jar of Dirt from Every State
Collect a Penny For Every Year I’ve Lived
Create a World Map With Pins of Where I’ve Been
Dance all Around the World
Dine at Sanyou Cave Hanging Cliff Restaurant, China
Dine in the Eiffel Tower
Do a New Year Dip
Do Everything With my Left Hand For a Whole Day
Do Something Absolutely Spontaneous
Do Something Unexpected
Don’t Talk a Whole Day
Don’t Use the Phone For a Day
Draw Funny Faces on all the Eggs in my Fridge

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