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Photog Feature: Vincent Tomaz Foto

Vincent Tomaz Foto



Vincent was an excellent photographer and I was so happy for the opportunity to work with him! Very professional and came equipped with a lot of awesome equipment. If you want to look hot-as-hell, hire this guy – check him out on Facebook or Model Mayhem.

Any additional photos from this shoot will be here! Go like that page to keep track of me 🙂

Photog Feature: Adam Rich

Cold weather has kept us from being able to shoot together (though I think our mutual friend Dan is shaking his fist at us for complaining about this “cold weather” in Florida). Finally, however, we had perfect weather conditions to shoot! Even the wind was working in our favor this day.

Adam is an excellent photographer, and also works with another photographer to bring you Go check them out!

Adam Rich

You can find more of my work with Adam on my facebook fan page!

Project 300

There are two ways to live:  You can live as if nothing is a miracle; You can live as if everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein

Got to try my hand at acting again. #blessed (I love how my elf ears sticking out from my hair the whole time. If you cannot escape it, embrace it.)

Photog Feature: Kevin Grant

Grant a Wish Photography MM#3127074

It is always fun meeting new people, and I was so happy to have the opportunity to test shoot with Kevin Grant. For just checking out our working “compatibility”, I was really impressed with how these images turned out. I look forward to future shoots with Kevin.

Grant a Wish Photography MM#3127074

Especially since my opening line to suggesting working with him was, “PS also secretly obsessed with costume/cosplay type shoots” after reading that he to was interested in this genre of work  – so keep your eyes out for that fun stuff on my facebook fan page 😉

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