Ashlee started her modeling career by setting up a timer on a point and shoot camera and posing in her bedroom in 2008. After uploading those photos to Model Mayhem, she started networking with professional photographers and was quickly able to remove the poorly edited images she originally had. Since then her professional network and resume has exploded with talent.

MM = Account

Motorfest Magazine April 2012
Motorfest Magazine July 2012
T Magazine October 2012
Combustion Magazine August 2013
David Morgan Salon
San Francisco Review
Anani Jeans .com
Destin Souvenir Magazine May 2013
Reezen Eyewear 2014

K Sera Beach Fashion Show 2012
NWFS Charity 2012
South Walton Fashion Week 2013
Dillard’s Fall Fashion 2013
Girls Love Bling Fashion Show 2013
David’s Bridal Wedding Expo 2014.
South Walton Fashion Week 2014
Horizon Stars Fashion Show 2014
Dillard’s Spring Fashion 2015.
Pensacola Fashion Week 2015

ASPI 2012
Destin Jet / Motorfest 2013
Coffee and Cars / Motorfest 2013

Disaster Relief Supply 2011
Short Video 2013 with 24 FPS MM #1230349
Review Show 2014
Hotel b-roll footage 2013 with Mark Little


Myke Warthen MM#1193926
Photos by Jaz MM#1139181
Peter Bennet
Tim Hunter MM#9684
Sarah Peters –
Sullivan Studios MM#2376987
Pure 7 Studios –
Roland Moriarty – Mayhem #2280234
Dan Vernon Photography – Mayhem #2761891
Mark Little
JonPhoto MM#1905772
Ata BC Photography #2906764
HerbieV MM #2821693
Gulf Coast in Focus (Joe Molina and David Faison)
Kirkland Photo
Joe Alonzo
Sherri Chandler Hardy
Jeff Pitts
Chris Calohan
Jon Deckert (
Kevin Grant
Adam Rich
Wes Gaines
Jill Livingston
Frank Berte
Vincent Tomaz Fotos
Rick Blue
Hanna Roller
Jerry Thomason
Jonathan Duty
Tim Skipper
Andy Johnson

Spin Photo MM#106233
MJD Photography MM#643421
Joe WoW Photography MM#627009
Big Gig Photography MM#656416
Big Gig MM#704050
Graffixmode MM#786764
Sarah Springer MM#817807
Jeremy Brotherton MM#2582
Doug Sanders Photography MM#86252
Armando L Rosales MM#347281
Humprhey Photography MM#738990
Art Schotz MM#52971
Three 15 MM#471481
Laura Dark Photography MM#2333
Omni Photo Studio MM#441459
T Paul Miller MM#9612
Craig Payne MM#830587
J Marie Photography MM#819035
Randy Zalewski MM#779710

Gas Oven MM#872545
Steve Maisch MM#1223319

In the Dark Designs MM#487454

Production Assistant:
RJ Murdock
Jon Deckert
William Legaretta
Eric Dupre

Assistant Director:
Better to give
Behind Closed Doors

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