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Stop settling for sh*tty men. 

The male unicorn. They’re a fantasy, right? 

They buy you flowers for no reason, and they surprise you by bringing home chocolate (or other sweet treats) on a whim. They kiss your forehead after they get home from work every night, even if you’re fast asleep. They wake up early most mornings to make you coffee, even though they don’t have to get up themselves. Sometimes they even prepare you breakfast and/or lunch to go too. They text you throughout the day. 

They have the best advice when you are feeling down on your luck. They make amazing steak dinner (they actually make most dinners, and they are always amazing). They lay in bed with you at night even though they aren’t tired. They rub your belly because your stomach hurts. They play with your hair and run their fingertips to trace your lips. 

They tell you, you are beautiful. sexy. smart. 

They finish the laundry you started and start the laundry you couldn’t bring yourself to do. They spend most of their free time by your side. They make you laugh, and they wipe the tears from your eyes when you cry. 

They hold you all night, even if it’s hot. even after their arm has fallen asleep. 

They watch sappy movies with you. They plan surprise dates. They walk on the beach with you, and watch the sunset. They take selfies with you. They go on trips with you. 

They make you hot tea when you’re sick. They make you vanilla chai tea and sprinkle cinnamon on top when you feel fine. They introduce you to their family. They plan their holidays with you. They don’t change after they got you. They tell you they love you. 

They plan their future with you in mind. They work hard. They try to better themselves. They listen to you when you’re upset. They apologize and mean it if they ever say anything that hurts your feelings. They know the five love languages, know YOUR love language, and still love you daily using all five. 

They meet your for lunch. They invite you to meet their coworkers. They wait for you when you need more time. They don’t get frustrated at you when you get grumpy or moody or emotional. They are kind, and patient, and the walking version of that 1st Corinthians scripture. 

They do all of this on their own. Because they want to. They prize your happiness as part of their happiness. And they make it look easy! 

The perfect man. (Well, maybe my perfect man… to each their own)

 But what if I told you they are less like a unicorn, and more like a stallion? They exist. They aren’t impossible to find. 

They deserve to be treasured when you do. Man, they deserve to be equally as loved and cherished as they make you feel. 

The problem isn’t finding them, though. The problem is holding onto donkeys while your prized stallion walks by. 

It’s not them, it’s you. 

Stop settling for men who tell you they love you and show you they don’t care. It’s a race you won’t win if you keep betting on the slowest horse. 

**So thankful for finding my male unicorn 🦄 😍 I never knew love could feel so good. 

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