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Motorfest Magazine

Want to reminisce about old school Pinup that came straight from the WWII decade with me?motorfestmagazine

Well we can together in Motorfest Magazine’s July 2012 issue! Motorfest is a world of cars-boats-planes-anything-with-an-engine magazine.  In Issue #4 June July 2012, we went straight to the Eastern Front during WWII!  Actually this shoot took place in Alabama during a WWII reenactment. It was quite exciting. Tanks, guns, and even old WWII replica planes flying over head dropping “bombs”.

While the event of war is sad, this is Alabama’s way of recognizing the fallen during WWII.  I had to ask if it felt weird impersonating the Nazis and Soviets, but the quick response from one person there was “Someone has to play the bad guys.” This is about history. It is a really awesome experience and I was happy to be a part of it. Ross did a really awesome job writing the article as well as taking the photos. The photographs looked so realistic that some even claimed he “stole the images”… though I am not sure how I jumped time and landed back in the 1940’s. Read the article here. (You can find me on pages 5, 17, 20-23)

ashspreadThis Spread was shot by: Ross Centanni

Behind the Scenes: Sullivan Studios

Credit to

Credit to

 I had first came across Sullivan Studios work whilst out on my daily Facebook newsfeed scroll. A mutual model friend between the two of us was showing off his great aim, exquisite angling, and brilliant Photoshop work in one of her pictures. I thought to myself, “Man, I would love to work with this guy.”

Usually I leave it at that. A thought. But then I decided, no – I really want to work with this photographer. I love his work. So I sent Sullivan Studios a message – and was greeted with a gracious reply. It was set then. Not the date, but the fact that we were going to work together. I was ecstatic.

The rest took a couple of months of planning and arranging the perfect date to make the drive to Dothan. Before I knew it though, it was an early morning and my mother and I got up, gathered my outfits and make up, and hit the road. It was the first time my mother was going to see me in action. We had a two hour drive ahead of us, but it was going to be worth it.

 I love modeling; it’s dress-up for adults!

Credit to

Credit to

When we arrived we got straight to work. We tried to get as much as we could out of the short time we were there. Working with Sullivan Studios was as awesome as I wanted it to be. We did studio work, and improvised. The building he uses for his studio is fantastic. The fog machine and extensive wardrobe was a plus! The product he returned in no time, and I loved it. I look forward to working with him again in the future. I would definitely recommend him to others. Check out how you can set up your very own appointment with the Sullivan Studios here!

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You can check out his work on Facebook  and his Website.

Modeling Update

I setup this blog here so that I could spend an hour or so on the computer a day while drinking coffee and venting. I figured since this is my home away from home, everything that is important to me will end up on this page. Hopefully I will start adding blog updates with behind the scenes shots from the Photo Shoots. In the mean time, I would like to provide you with my modeling career update:

Motorfest Magazine April 2012
Motorfest Magazine July 2012
T Magazine October 2012
Destin Souvenir Magazine May 2013
Combustion Magazine August 2013
David Morgan Salon
San Francisco Review
Anani Jeans .com

K Sera (
NWFS Charity

Destin Jet / Motorfest

Commercial Film:
Disaster Relief Supply


Myke Warthen MM#1193926
Photos by Jaz MM#1139181
Peter Bennet
Tim Hunter MM#9684
Sarah Peters –
Sullivan Studios MM#2376987
Pure 7 Studios –
Roland Moriarty – Mayhem #2280234
Dan Vernon Photography – Mayhem #2761891
Mark Little

Spin Photo MM#106233
MJD Photography MM#643421
Joe WoW Photography MM#627009
Big Gig Photography MM#656416
Big Gig MM#704050
Graffixmode MM#786764
Sarah Springer MM#817807
Jeremy Brotherton MM#2582
Doug Sanders Photography MM#86252
Armando L Rosales MM#347281
Humprhey Photography MM#738990
Art Schotz MM#52971
Three 15 MM#471481
Laura Dark Photography MM#2333
Omni Photo Studio MM#441459
T Paul Miller MM#9612
Craig Payne MM#830587
J Marie Photography MM#819035
Randy Zalewski MM#779710

Gas Oven MM#872545
Steve Maisch MM#1223319

In the Dark Designs MM#487454

Peggiesuicide MM#859558
Alex Stillin MM#1043217
Ashley Heart MM#745599
Emily Bruer MM#813803 is the main website for contacting me over modeling-business opportunities (the website is currently under construction).


Does anyone have God’s email?

Please show me the light. We are on top of a mountain right now, but instead of gazing up into the stars, I feel like I am staring down into the valley. You obtain what you see, Father. I want to see the stars, yet I am fearful of the next valley. The last valley was so ugly, and for sometime I thought I had lost sight of you in the thickest part of the thicket. And still, Lord God, you carried me out of the thorns, nearly unscathed. I do not want my heart hardened to my Savior.

– Amen

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