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Fuck Cancer

Photo Credit: Armando L Rosales H/MUA: Moona Joyner

Photo Credit: Armando L Rosales
H/MUA: Moona Joyner

If there was ever a time I would want to throw my middle finger up, and quite literally yell “Fuck you” it would be to Cancer.


We wanted to do something a little fun/punk for our next shoot, and thought we would accent with an area that has touched all of us in some way, shape, or form. As we come to the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought this was the appropriate Sunday blog.

As much as I would rather not, when I sit down and really think about it, I can come up with about ten names of those I love dearly that have had to face Cancer head on, one whom fought his battle with this beast valiantly that is no longer with us today.

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Photog Feature: Wes Gaines

I’ve the pleasure to work with Wes Gaines on a couple of occasions. One being a recent group shoot out at Fort Pickens in Gulf Breeze. A beautiful location with a lot of potential. Be sure to reach out to Wes to schedule your next shoot with him 🙂

Photo Credit: Wes Gaines

S.L.A.V.E. (Sound, Lighting. Audio, Video, Editing) Magazine

So happy to announce that I hit my bucket list goal of being printed in my fifth magazine! S.L.A.V.E. Magazine is a local magazine distributed in the areas schools for education purposes in the industry I love. Be sure to check it out 🙂 They did an instructional piece on three point lighting.


S.L.A.V.E. Magazine

Julian Smith – I love you

I absolutely love Julian Smith videos. He cracks me up. You should go and subscribe to his channel and watch all of his videos. ❤


And of course, you must watch the bloopers! I love how his Granny did this with him.

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