Monthly Archives: February 2020

wolf in wool

Love doesn’t go around destroying the things it cares about. So you may love him, darling, but it’s not because he loves you.

A wolf in a wool suit is still a wolf. Love doesn’t have to hurt.

Monsters are Real

I think our mistake is this image we are projecting that rapists are monsters. They don’t look like monsters. They look a lot like friends. Family. Cousins. Brothers. Fathers. Uncles. Mothers. Strangers at a bar. Neighbors. Men. Women. Teenagers. Young adults. Old men. College roommates.

They don’t look like rapists.

It sounds a lot like her body said yes. Her eyes said yes. We were drunk. I was drunk. She was drunk. She didn’t say no. My buddies and I got carried away. I thought she was awake. He didn’t stop me. She owed me.

Monsters are mythical creatures, rapists are human.

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