Wedding Welcome Sign – Save Hundreds!

Hello fellow DIYers…

Who am I kidding?

I do not DIY anything. I am the worst. I am creative – when it comes to processes to follow. Not so much when it comes to painting and art. I’ve been trying to write a book practically my entire life, but writers block prevents that.

But weddings are EXPENSIVE!

I really want a beautiful dream wedding… can I do it for a couple hundred dollars? The answer is no. Venues alone run you thousands of dollars (in my area). So I have to find ways to save. And some of the design aspects I found I could DIY for drastically less (🥲).

Here we are. My first major DIY for the wedding! And I’ll walk you through how I saved hundreds so that maybe you can too! (Also some mistakes I made/things I would do differently so maybe you can avoid those yourself).

Wedding Welcome Sign

First – I have a free app on my iPhone (works on Androids too) called Da Vinci Eye. This app uses your phone as a looking glass of sorts – where you can put the image you want over top of the paper you are working on and pretty much trace that image.

I designed the image I wanted in another app called Enlight (basically photoshop editing type app – I do not know if this app is free still, but any editing app that lets you overlay images on top of each other will work). I used images off google searches that I liked, overlaying letters and words and images to design this mock-up:

I bought this large 5.5ft sign at a local thrift store for $50. (Sometimes thrift stores have bargain days, so I probably could have waited and gotten it even cheaper!)

After that, I used the Da Vinci Eye app to project my image on my TV so that I could see where I was drawing / writing at… and I painted away! (The great thing about acrylic paint is it dries quick and if you hate it – you can paint right over it to fix any mistakes!)

I did end up free handing the greenery, and I watched Pamela Groppe’s YouTube video on “how to paint leaves (beginner friendly)

Things I would have done differently:

I definitely would have used painters tape to line out straight lines with the highest and lowest points I wanted the letters to be. Whether I moved the tripod or if it was just me… some of my letters became a bit slanted or not as big as I would have liked.

While this isn’t what a professionals work would have come out to look like – I paid less than $75 and a few hours and likely saved $400-$500 (as I am sure a custom 5.5ft sign like this isn’t cheap)

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Top Secret Wedding Project!


I’m terrible at secrets.

It’s true.

I am working on a digital art project for the wedding invites that I am very excited about.

If you follow here and at I will be revealing piece by piece the project.

I might even choose one platform over the other to release all the details, including how to design your very own versions!

Lazy Days

Lazy days are not always bad days.

Sometimes your body just needs a bit of rest.

Sometimes you just need to quiet your mind.

Close your eyes.


But I swear if Ellie groans (not growls) at me one more time when I move my legs her whole 60lbs has plopped on to pass out…

Who am I kidding… I’m not gonna do nothing. She’s just too irresistibly cute!

She knows it, too.

The Battle Cry

If words alone were powerful, the person who crafted the dictionary would surely be our ruler; The author of the thesaurus a worthy adversary, dicing up kingdoms ruled only by words.

Yet, it is not words alone that are almighty. They sit, heaped in a pile, whose only solo intimidation is their vastness of size.

The writer, who strings the words together to bring about a story. The poet, whose words illicit an emotion in rhyme. The politician, whose words propagate us forward and backward. The Activist, whose words inspire us through time. The real power is in ones ability to wield the words together.

The true sword versus the pen.

Lil ole Island Blues

We found a perfect little doggy friendly island across a bridge that we greatly enjoy the swims at!

🚤…….. 🌊 No wake zone!

Do you have a favorite place to go and get away?

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