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Bucket List: Cut my Hair and Donate It


It was surprisingly difficult for me to get the courage up to cut off the minimum eight inches required of my hair to donate. I felt selfish and did not want to give it up. Which, to me, was the fuel that drove me to cutting off eleven inches of my hair to donate to #Wigs4Kids


Life throws curve balls at us, and does whatever it can to keep us down. It’s so easy for me to be selfish. I have plenty of hair, and hope to live my life as a fountain of blessing and inspiration to those I come into to contact with. Even if it’s with something as simple as contributing to a wig to help make a little boy or girl feel confident again.


Do not underestimate the little things in life, as you will learn in the end, they add up to be the big things.

MUA Feature: Moona Joyner


I have had the opportunity to work Moona Joyner on countless occasions now, and every time I am blown away by her work. Here is a fun shoot with Photos and Wardrobe by Hanna Roller, Hair by Jasmine Lopez, and makeup by the talented Moona Joyner!


Be sure to higher any of these three ladies to create your next dream shoot!


Why I became an extrovert…

To me, nothing sounds more enjoyable or relaxing than hiding under my covers all day. Alone.

I am an introvert.

People make me nervous. My anxiety used to flare up causing me to have panic attacks and hyperventilating to the point of sobbing and the inability to breath.

I am an introvert.


But you would never be able to tell if you looked at my life now. I am an introvert, who forced myself to become an extrovert. It all started with my job choice. I knew that people scared me. Specifically, that talking to people I didn’t know scared me. So I became a waitress. Why not? Oh, I don’t know – because if you screw up people yell at you. I am an introvert, so I became a waitress, where I was forced to make conversations with strangers if I wanted to make a living. I became a damn good server too, because people yelling at me was not my idea of a good day.

I learned the power of networking, and that life is more about who you know, less about what you know. Though, when  you meet who you should know, it helps to know stuff worth knowing.

So I began networking with anybody and everybody I could. I volunteer to do as much stuff as I can, because you never know who you will meet! Boy, oh, boy – Have I met some awesome people. And I am just beginning.

So, if you look at my life and think – I want to do that too! Then get out there, and do it! Talk to people, meet people, volunteer, and go where people go.

You know where you won’t meet new people? In bed. Under the covers. If you do meet new people, randomly in bed, under the covers… You are not an introvert.

Talking to people still can drain me of energy. As a matter of fact, if I disappear for a day or two.. It’s because I am still an introvert, and hiding under the covers with a good book and a nap bring me right back to that bubbly extrovert you all have grown accustom to.


Bucket List: Do a New Year Dip


What better way to bring in the New Year than to run flailing into the ocean after midnight? Easy, to do so with your friends.





A huge thank you to one of my best friends for agreeing and following through on what may be a silly goal. The worst part was the freezing cold sand (the water wasn’t even that bad). The good news is, we weren’t shark food.

We celebrated our success at the Awful Waffle.


Happy New Year! May 2015 be filled with many adventures!

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