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Words are powerful. They are weapons. They can be used to refine or destroy.

People can attempt to use words to heal, but they do not always work that way. Time heals. Think of words as a tool that can build up and tear down.


The Big Trip in Small Clips!

This short video only has clips from some of the trip! Not even all of it. We took over 200 videos with almost 2 hours of short clips from around the country, picked some of our favorites and condensed those into 2.5 minutes.

Keep checking back to the blog! There are two more posts from the trip. There will be other videos to be posted from the trip as well!

Beard Shenanigans

If not loading above you can watch here!

It took months to grow. It smelled of vomit, and held food particals from before it’s time.

It was time for the beard to die.

Unsure how to approach the man beast cuddled up next to the hairy monster, I politely suggested, “It is time for that beard to go.” He reared his head, nostrils flared. Then came the tears and the pleading. “Please let me keep my pet beard. Please!” However, the decision was made, and the beard was shaved off that day. Make sure you watch Adrian’s Vlog by clicking here! You will laugh, you will cry… but mostly you will laugh.

We were inspired by Rhett and Link’s video, “How to Kill a Mustache” which you can watch if you click the link here.

Our Trip to Washington D.C.

This is a little video of our trip to D.C. : ) As time allows, I will post more extensive updates!

Ponce de Leon side trip

We didn’t just stop to see the beauty that this natural spring offers, we jumped right into that freezing cold water! Normally I would chicken out, but this trip is about trying new things.

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