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The Yes Man

Do you know what you are saying Yes to? Do you ever feel guilty for saying No?

I loved the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey. It was hilarious, as are all his movies. It also had a really great point: Sometimes you need to say Yes so fully to one thing, that everything else is automatically a No, and that is okay.

Remember, “No” is an important word. Say “No” to guilt for not doing more for others. Say “No” to that which the Father is not calling you into in this season. Say “No” to stress. Say “No” to regret. Say “No” to anything your heart has not fully said “Yes” to.

Do you have a hard time telling someone “No”? Try this suggestion from another blogger – Write the word “Commitment” on your calendar, every day, for the month. When someone asks you to do something you do not feel led to do, or if someone is invading time set aside for you – simply turn to the date they requested and say “I am sorry, I have a commitment I need to keep.”

Make your personal health (physically, mentally, and emotionally) that commitment.


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