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What can I say… When I dream, I dream BIG. has been amazing for flight comparison for Guatemala – Panama for Peru – Argentina
CIFA for a bus from Ecuador to Peru … although I read a horror story on here about that particular over night bus for train from beijing to Vietnam

Transportation to Each Major Country (cost calculated for 1 person) USD$4,881

Visas USD$150

Food USD$2,025

Hotel/Hostel/Camping USD$3,700


I am currently calculating costs for (and would love resources to);

Inner country transportation USD$

Activities USD$

Souvenirs USD$

Postal/Package Mailing USD$

Emergencies USD$

Other USD$



(most likely flight to US then to Guatemala as it is cheaper )

Guatemala for 2 weeks…

Travelings from Guatemala over road (Via Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica) to Panama  (flight) to

Colombia … travel to Brazil over road…

Brazil for 2 weeks…

travel down Amazon river (1 week) to Argentina (stay for 1 week)… flight out of Buenes Aires…

(most likely to United States then to Australia as it is cheaper by about half!) flight to

Australia (stay 1 week); (flight) to

Indonesia over road (Via Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China); (ferry to)

Laos for 2 weeks..

Japan; (flight) to

(most likely flying Japan – Malaysia – India because it is cheaper by about half)

India staying 2 weeks; (flight) to

Jordan over road (via Israel) to ( in May) Egypt -> (Flight) to

(Staying 3 months traveling Europe … then flight back to United States)

Greece … ( ticle_croatia_to_greece.html)

Using Rail system to go to – >









Portugal -> (flight to)




United Kingdom – > (flight to)










Back to US via flight from Denmark

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