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The Unstoppable Force meets the Immovable Object

I wrote this blog and filled it with selfies so you can see my new hair. So yeah, you get beauty and brains. You’re welcome 😉

“Sometimes life checkmates your king”

Fear and love depend on each other to define their nature. Both Fear and Love are a state of being. Just like being frozen in fear, sometimes we find ourselves frozen in love. So consumed with the state of being in love, even when we know damn good and well it’s not good for us. 

It is, simply put, the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object. When they encounter each other, either the force is stopped or the object is moved. Which you might say “well that is compromise”, but one does not simply compromise their whole identity. 

I was the unstoppable force, and he was the immovable object. What we can find peace in, is that we were destined to meet. 

Oh and the people we meet and how they shape us. Whether I made you smile, served you a meal, bossed you around set, shot with you, caused you to laugh or cry, moved you with my words, held your hand, broke your heart, or our lips met for a brief moment in time… It was destiny. You didn’t choose to meet me, or I you. We didn’t choose this moment, this moment chose us. 

A million decisions lead you unknowingly to me and what a beautiful thing that is. 

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