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Response sent via Standard Post

What do you think when you hear standard mail delivery? 

I think “2-3 business days, extra time around the holidays”. 

(I find myself comparing my desire for the item to arrive to the cost of overnight delivery, and often times I find the desire wins over the wait. I suppose that is a trait of our instantaneous generation, and a hard habit to break.)

With people, I find myself also responding quickly. Finding the need to be heard or right outweighing what the other person is saying. 

The challenge here is rather than expediting my delivery, I need to learn to become quick to listen, slow to respond. I need to send my responses through standard mail rather than overnighting them. The 2-3 days to mull on how I feel and why also gives me time to seek out and understand how THEY feel and why.

Currently Reading: “The 7 habits of highly effective people.” By Stephen R. Covey 

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