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Pensacola Fashion Week 2015


This summer show for Pensacola Fashion Week 2015 was a lot of fun! There was actually an audible gasp in the crowd when I dropped my skirt. I received so many compliments after the show; talk about a real ego booster! ❤ Easy for it to happen when wearing such a beautiful gown. It was such an awesome experience, and I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity.


Photog Feature: Andy Johnson

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

I had the pleasure of working with Andy Johnson on set for a TV pilot. One night we decided to shoot, and the rest is history. The photos are stunning, and I highly recommend him. Hire Andy for you next set of head shots or any of your photography / cinematography needs! 


Photog Feature: Wes Gaines

I’ve the pleasure to work with Wes Gaines on a couple of occasions. One being a recent group shoot out at Fort Pickens in Gulf Breeze. A beautiful location with a lot of potential. Be sure to reach out to Wes to schedule your next shoot with him 🙂

Photo Credit: Wes Gaines

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