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!*@# Ah, Published!





So excited that I have been featured in four magazines over the last two years (even on the cover of one!). So close to my bucket-list goal of being in five magazines. Life has been so good to me. #blessed

Everything you can imagine is real. – Pablo Picasso


If you would like a signed copy, message me by filling out the contact form here.

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Motorfest Magazine

Want to reminisce about old school Pinup that came straight from the WWII decade with me?motorfestmagazine

Well we can together in Motorfest Magazine’s July 2012 issue! Motorfest is a world of cars-boats-planes-anything-with-an-engine magazine.  In Issue #4 June July 2012, we went straight to the Eastern Front during WWII!  Actually this shoot took place in Alabama during a WWII reenactment. It was quite exciting. Tanks, guns, and even old WWII replica planes flying over head dropping “bombs”.

While the event of war is sad, this is Alabama’s way of recognizing the fallen during WWII.  I had to ask if it felt weird impersonating the Nazis and Soviets, but the quick response from one person there was “Someone has to play the bad guys.” This is about history. It is a really awesome experience and I was happy to be a part of it. Ross did a really awesome job writing the article as well as taking the photos. The photographs looked so realistic that some even claimed he “stole the images”… though I am not sure how I jumped time and landed back in the 1940’s. Read the article here. (You can find me on pages 5, 17, 20-23)

ashspreadThis Spread was shot by: Ross Centanni

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