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Who are you?

I have always struggled with the realization that people just love their idea of another person.

The moment you hear the words come out of another person’s mouth and reach your ears, those words are already in the past. That is the past version of the person you are claiming to love. 

That version of that person doesn’t exist anymore.

In a world of ever constant change, where the only thing you can rely on is that nothing will remain, we grasp and become vulnerable for people, who we’ve created an idea of who they are, based on past versions of themselves.

That person has already changed. They have already been molded by their own thoughts and words that you are just now hearing.


We meet all these people, and we try to get to know them, but can we really “know” them knowing this to be true?

What if meeting people isn’t about getting to know someone else, but instead, really about getting to know yourself more?

The further you invest in and get to know someone else, the more connected you become with yourself. The more people you invest in, and get to know, the more you, you become.

This makes being vulnerable beneficial and self-fulfilling. The more you love others, the more loving you become. The more kindness and patience you show to others, the more kind and patient you become.

The more you discover about others, the more you discover about yourself. 

*I am already a different version of myself since the time I have written and posted this blog…

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