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Merry Christmas? (Atlanta Road Trip)

I asked Kevin if he wanted to exchange gifts for Christmas (2014). Originally, he was like “Yeah, why not?”. That was that. Later I got a text message that would begin quite the trip, “Instead of exchanging gifts, do you want to go on an adventure?”


Uh, duh. Of course I want to go on an adventure!

We spent the next week or so trying to decide where we wanted to go. We ended up choosing Atlanta. We had such an awesome time (and somehow managed not to kill each other!)


We followed my hour by hour itinerary for the weekend 🙂 Which included adventures at the Georgia Aquarium, the Coca Cola Museum, Ice Skating, and the Fernbank Museum.


I am going to miss Kevin when he leaves for California 😦

Just for fun..!

Just for fun, pretending to be a Victoria Secret’s model ❤ a mock up. I could see this on a billboard somewhere, someday.

Photo Credit: Kevin Grant, a mock up

The Movie: Behind Closed Doors

It was so much fun being a part of this film competition. Check out our film here: 


Kevin Grant: Behind Closed Doors

Although we didn’t make it in the top 20, it was still awesome being a part of the crew with everyone else on set. Kevin did win the competition for best poster submitted! So there is that 🙂
Photo Credit: Kevin Grant




This book has no title.

“It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on,” – Marilyn Monroe

Photo Credit: Kevin Grant


“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.”

Photo Credi: Kevin Grant

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