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The hell you choose. 

I wrote a poem I guess:

When you think about hell, where does your mind go?

The burning inferno of emotions that lead you down a path. A path that lead you down another path. 

Could you break away from this hell that you choose? 

Consequences of choices you didn’t even realize you were making. 

Yet you walked through a valley whose shadows reeked of death. Never once turning back. 

When you think about hell, do you think that it’s a burden you carry with you everyday?

A mix between choices, both of your own and of others. Coincidences and actions and thoughts all buried into the subconscious hell that is your daily routine. 

Does this mean that heaven is the escape from the ordinary? But heaven is for another time. At least, when you think about hell…

Dancing in place with the Devil

When you think of HELL, where does your mind take you?

A pit of fire? Perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death? Sweat? Unbearable pain? Walls burning around you? Screaming? Earth? A spiritual realm of evil and suffering…. When you think of HELL… What crosses your mind?

To define Hell is to say the lack of love. No love. Imagine a world without any love at all. Hell is a place where all the love leaves the world. Where helping others is not a priority… ever. Not a thought that crosses anyones mind. Only getting to the top of the top matters. Survival of the fittest. Surviving for nothing. Family doesn’t matter. Men do not protect woman and children. Murder. Rape. Woman abandon their children on the side of the road to grow up and survive on their own. Hell is not a fictional place written in a book where lava flows at your feet, as you are dancing in place with the devil.

To define Hell is to say the lack of love. No love. Imagine a world without any love at all. Imagine your world without any love… without Compassion… without Forgiveness… without Service… without Friendship… without Companionship… without Trust… without Sacrifice… without Commitment…

…without God... Then you are truly imagining hell.

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