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On Set for Odd Ball Short Film

Starring: JD Thiemann Cody L Hester Jasmine Spivey Steven Marlowe Matthew Anderson Stephen Harwick Eric Coley Whitney Arana Caleb Motes Allison Cain
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Peter Mahaffey
Release Date: 2015
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It was such an awesome opportunity to get to work with Peter Mahaffey again on the set for Oddball Short Film. It was abou a 5 day production, and I got to “play” the assistant director again. Peter’s introduction to me being “If she’s being a bitch, just know she is doing her job.” The joys of the AD life.
Cannot wait to see the final cut!

Photog Feature: Andy Johnson

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.

I had the pleasure of working with Andy Johnson on set for a TV pilot. One night we decided to shoot, and the rest is history. The photos are stunning, and I highly recommend him. Hire Andy for you next set of head shots or any of your photography / cinematography needs! 


Why I became an extrovert…

To me, nothing sounds more enjoyable or relaxing than hiding under my covers all day. Alone.

I am an introvert.

People make me nervous. My anxiety used to flare up causing me to have panic attacks and hyperventilating to the point of sobbing and the inability to breath.

I am an introvert.


But you would never be able to tell if you looked at my life now. I am an introvert, who forced myself to become an extrovert. It all started with my job choice. I knew that people scared me. Specifically, that talking to people I didn’t know scared me. So I became a waitress. Why not? Oh, I don’t know – because if you screw up people yell at you. I am an introvert, so I became a waitress, where I was forced to make conversations with strangers if I wanted to make a living. I became a damn good server too, because people yelling at me was not my idea of a good day.

I learned the power of networking, and that life is more about who you know, less about what you know. Though, when  you meet who you should know, it helps to know stuff worth knowing.

So I began networking with anybody and everybody I could. I volunteer to do as much stuff as I can, because you never know who you will meet! Boy, oh, boy – Have I met some awesome people. And I am just beginning.

So, if you look at my life and think – I want to do that too! Then get out there, and do it! Talk to people, meet people, volunteer, and go where people go.

You know where you won’t meet new people? In bed. Under the covers. If you do meet new people, randomly in bed, under the covers… You are not an introvert.

Talking to people still can drain me of energy. As a matter of fact, if I disappear for a day or two.. It’s because I am still an introvert, and hiding under the covers with a good book and a nap bring me right back to that bubbly extrovert you all have grown accustom to.


Toll Road to Consciousness

I do not always shoot just stills. Sometimes I also star in commercials, demo reels, and short films.

In this particular instance, I had the pleasure to work with Chris Johnston from 24fps on one of my first short films. It was a part of the Weekend Challenge. He was awesome to work with, and I was very excited to be featured on his vimeo account.

Check it out below!

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