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Bucket List: Attend a Yoga Class


“I just know about sweat and frustration. And that what I once thought was impossible somehow doesn’t always stay that way permanently. One day it’s suddenly easy and accessible, and mostly because I’ve stopped struggling against it. I’ve just accepted where I am, keep showing up, and then the change just happens.” – Edward Vilga, Downward Dog

So happy Briana suggested taking a hot yoga class. It was so relaxing, and I was surprised how much my body sweat! I am feeling more and more satisfied and content with my life with each passing day. It is amazing what 5am wake up times (thanks to Noah getting my ass out of bed) and a couple fitness classes here and there, can do for your mentality.

As I am heading into my late 20s (*gasp* I said it. Better screen shot this post), I realize that I am about to hit the prime of my final stage of adolescence. It is said that late 20s are the years that you go through your final changes mentally as an adult, so once I hit my 30s, “I am who I am” so to say. I want to go into this chapter of my life as the absolute best version of me. Whatever the outcome of my late 20s are, I hope that I stay strong, loving, and open minded.


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