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Something to be excited about!

I lock myself in a room with a computer, phone, and a calculator.

Budgeting! That’s right – this blog is about something to be excited about, and that’s right again; I said Budgeting! I love it. I love planning for an entire day, week, month… but what really makes me ecstatic is budgeting for the entire year, and you guessed it; I did that this month.

Why Budgeting, you ask? I don’t know. I LOVE numbers. I love counting how much money I have, spent, saved, stored away, etc. I love writing numbers down in an organized fashion, adding dates to them, plugging them onto a calendar. I love budgeting! I love making budgets for myself, my family, my partner, my dog… It really is something to get excited about.

When saving for old age, be sure to put away a few pleasant thoughts. – Anonymous

Whenever I start my yearly budgeting plan – I lock myself in a room with a computer, phone, and a calculator. I write down the entire year – with approximate weekly/bi-weekly checks. I write down the approximate pay dates for all my bills. I write down my goals. I write down special events taking place. Of course, planning for life does not stop the bumps you come across in reality. I start to get a little anxiety while I am writing the budget – “What if I lose my job!” “What if I don’t make this deadline!” “What if an unexpected expense comes up!” “What if I miscalculated my budget..!!”

But when I start to see how organized my expected funds are, I feel like I have a millionaire’s fortune!

I just love to see all those numbers written down.  I love planning. Making goals. Budgeting. Bucket lists. Resolutions. Making Strategies for success. Blueprinting my life. With budgeting and saving I have been able to travel the entire USAI try to stop at a year. I do find myself making 3 year, 5 year, 10 year plans. 

I hope you can get excited about budgeting too! Let me know when you start your budget and we can keep each other accountable to our dreams!

The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind. – T.T. Munger

2013-2014 Goals

I am sitting here, handwriting my goals… when I realized I type 75 WPM and have a blog I haven’t updated in 3 months. Why not update my goal list via the interwebs and share with all my accountability subscribers (woah – didn’t know subscribing had a catch huh?).

I have broken my goals down by month – from Dec 2013 to Dec 2014. I have also established Year 2014 Goals. Setting goals is an aim for me to hit a desired result in my life. Some goals are serious and others are serious. What I mean by that is, I am serious about my goals. I’ve written down my goals since I could pick up a pen (just because they weren’t legible doesn’t make them any less important). I feel like I am pretty accomplished by my young age of 24. I also feel like there is a lot more I could accomplish (like… a lot). I do not, however, expect to accomplish every goal I ever write down. There is just something about writing down and visualizing achievement that makes me feel more motivated – and therefore more likely to complete my goals.

Here we go Accountability Subscribers…

My goals for the next 13 months:
December: Trip to Disney

January: CompTIA Certified

February: $3k Stashed (untouchable for emergency fund only)

March: Take German Classes

April: Take Dance Lessons

May: Stay on a strict budget and save for Germany

June: Paint a canvas picture (maybe while drinking wine?)

July: Cut my hair and Donate

August: $6k Stashed (untouchable for emergency fund only)

September: Do something nice for someone that cannot be pointed back to myself

October: Trip to Germany

November: Complete NaNoWriMo 30day Challenge

December: Buy Gallon of Starbucks coffee and hand out to homeless

– Year 2014 Goals –
One year of monthly blogging
Write a short eBook
Get a promotion

Goals are such an important part of my life, and I could easily say, writing down goals has seriously contributed to my happiness level. I plan on writing another blog filled with a more broad life-long bucket list. I found a lot of my inspiration here.

Feeling inspired? Write!

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