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This Charming Man

I found this written down on my notepad from June of 2015. It may have been advice to my future self:

A charming man is a dangerous man. They will charm you right out of your pants, and right into a broken heart. 

A true gentleman does not parade around under the facade of being a gentleman. His friends, parents, and even his exes know he’s a true gentlemen not because of his words, but because of his actions. 

While opening car doors is a nice gesture with the intent of displaying that he thinks of you first, a true gentlemen also thinks of you first. It is evident in how he talks to you and about you, your heart is his utmost pride to protect. 

While he does not mask how he is feeling to “protect” you, he does deliver how he is feeling gently and delicately. 

A letter to Casanova


He’s just so hurt, and he makes a decision which actually turns him into the man we know him as now. Never to enter into a long- term relationship. Never to be that hurt again. And somewhere he says, from now on when I see love, I’ll pluck it, I’ll eat it and throw it away. And that’s what he does.

Dear Casanova,

Hiding behind the blame of a painful past is weakness manifesting in you, powerful people do not live like a victim. 

You have allowed pain to turn you into something you are not. There is a dam that you built up around your heart that is only within your power to open up. Do this, not to appease someone else, but for yourself. The pressure you feel is a vulnerability anticipating bursting forth through the flood gates allowing you the experience of unconditional, unimaginable love. 

A man who loves like this with only his mind, but not with his heart, will never find true happiness. We become unhappy when we think love is something we require from someone else. 

Know that happiness is when what you say, think, and do are all the same.

With love, 

An apparition of Lucrezia 


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