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Assistant Director: Anew

Was AD on the short film Anew! Keep your eyes out for the video:


On Set for Odd Ball Short Film

Starring: JD Thiemann Cody L Hester Jasmine Spivey Steven Marlowe Matthew Anderson Stephen Harwick Eric Coley Whitney Arana Caleb Motes Allison Cain
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Peter Mahaffey
Release Date: 2015
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11224328_10206777194651676_551385177463739759_n 11265115_10206777228372519_2565099211435707615_n
It was such an awesome opportunity to get to work with Peter Mahaffey again on the set for Oddball Short Film. It was abou a 5 day production, and I got to “play” the assistant director again. Peter’s introduction to me being “If she’s being a bitch, just know she is doing her job.” The joys of the AD life.
Cannot wait to see the final cut!

Bucket List: Become a Film Maker


Do you want to be a part of an epic film race?

Of course I do. It’s not everyday you get to network with some of the best local talent in the industry, help write a script with a James-Franco-look-alike, and be an Assistant Director on set for a 100 hour film race.

(Here I am playing Assistant Director during the #100HourFilmRace on set for #BehindClosedDoors)

It all began Wednesday when we had our pre-meeting to see who in the area was interested and it ended Sunday with the product of hard work and talent of 14 cast and crew members.


I look forward to arguing , I mean, discussing with my new friends again on a film in the near future.


I will be very excited to see how are film places (we find out January 12th).


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