wolf in wool

Love doesn’t go around destroying the things it cares about. So you may love him, darling, but it’s not because he loves you.

A wolf in a wool suit is still a wolf. Love doesn’t have to hurt.

Monsters are Real

I think our mistake is this image we are projecting that rapists are monsters. They don’t look like monsters. They look a lot like friends. Family. Cousins. Brothers. Fathers. Uncles. Mothers. Strangers at a bar. Neighbors. Men. Women. Teenagers. Young adults. Old men. College roommates.

They don’t look like rapists.

It sounds a lot like her body said yes. Her eyes said yes. We were drunk. I was drunk. She was drunk. She didn’t say no. My buddies and I got carried away. I thought she was awake. He didn’t stop me. She owed me.

Monsters are mythical creatures, rapists are human.


Maybe the problem is I’ve been asking what I want to do with my life when I don’t even know what I want to do this week.

The Great Hack

When I was buying a house, I cannot tell you how many mortgage lender, realtor, etc ads i had seen since I had started house shopping.

If they can pay to target me with new home ads when they know I am shopping for a new house, then they can target you with divisive extremist ads for the left or right political spectrum to cause you to become emotionally charged at “the other half” of the American population.

You’re a liberal?

Suddenly you are seeing memes with stats on how conservatives hate college and want to take away higher education.

You’re a conservative?

Suddenly you are seeing memes with stats on how liberals want to take away your guns.

Then our liberal/conservative friends naturally are appalled with how “the other half” of the American population thinks. They share this meme. And the next one. And the next one. *gasp* Republicans want to murder immigrants *share*. And the next one. And the next one. Suddenly walls of people who you know and love are also sharing these extremist views because they are scared of “the other half” of the American population.

Even if they aren’t sharing this information – they are seeing it.

And Subconsciously they go…

Go watch the Netflix documentary “The Great Hack”. The manipulation is real and it is scary.

Tell me what you think in the comments.


Stop waiting for your dreams to wake you up. Dreams don’t wake you up, you do.

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