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Five O’Clock Somewhere

Tick. Tock. goes the clock. 

But it doesn’t make a sound. 

It feels like time, half past five. 

Yet it’s barely moved to noon. 

Checked my watch. 

The minutes lost. 

I’m counting seconds now. 

This is hardly worth 

A life on earth 

Wished right into the ground. 

Part-Time Ghost 

More poems:

I didn’t even realize I was hiring. Yet, you got the job. 

The position pays in memories. Shared and unshared. Real and imagined. The good, the bad, and the unwanted reminders that maybe, just maybe, you weren’t enough. 

The job requirements are easy. Some light lifting, the occasional too-much-to-drink, and how-did-we-get-here’s. 

If you have a Bachelors in heartbreak, even better. If not, there is a lot of opportunity for on the job training. 

We can only take you on a few hours a week though, things have been a little rough around here. 

What do you say, would you like to be the Part-Time Ghost? 

The hell you choose. 

I wrote a poem I guess:

When you think about hell, where does your mind go?

The burning inferno of emotions that lead you down a path. A path that lead you down another path. 

Could you break away from this hell that you choose? 

Consequences of choices you didn’t even realize you were making. 

Yet you walked through a valley whose shadows reeked of death. Never once turning back. 

When you think about hell, do you think that it’s a burden you carry with you everyday?

A mix between choices, both of your own and of others. Coincidences and actions and thoughts all buried into the subconscious hell that is your daily routine. 

Does this mean that heaven is the escape from the ordinary? But heaven is for another time. At least, when you think about hell…

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