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Creative Project: Reupholster a chair

So, my mom and I found this love seat for $40 in a yard sale. It was a pretty comfy chair, but it had definitely seen better days. It was a camel colored brown, and did not match anything I own. It was a good chair and quite a steal – so we got it. We were not even sure it would fit in my new room.

We lucked out, and it fit perfectly – physically. However, the color scheme was quite a clash and it was starting to be an eye sore in the room. So I went to Hobby Lobby and looked around at fabric. I have never upholstered a chair. As a matter of fact, creative projects like that are way out of my realm for experience.

I did find a color scheme I really liked, that matched the current colors of my room. So I went for it!


I bought 9 yards of grey fabric, 9 yards of striped fabric, a heavy duty stapler, fabric scissors, and a hot glue gun (yeah, a hot glue gun… I am just trying to make a temporary uplift, not a professional upholstery job. LOL). I had a lot of fabric left over, but I did not want to have to go to the store again.

I spent the day working on it here and there – I would say total, I had the chair done in about an hour. I am very happy with the result:


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