Judge not, lest ye be judged. 

Taking offense is not a sign of righteousness. If there is one thing I have consistently seen in my life experience is that if someone is so offended by someone’s else’s action that doesn’t immediately effect them, then they have that issue within themselves (or a very similar sin). 
So what does that mean as a believer? If you are being persecuted by someone you haven’t personally wronged, then try to understand that their battle is with themselves, not with you. If you can, turn your other cheek; look the other way. Forgive them, as that may be what they are not able to do for themselves. 

About ashleekarin

Every Sunday I tried to post updates since I succeed in camping the doorstep of the world during a 110 day road trip around the USA; The Roadside Bears blog was then brought head first into the internet world (changed to ashleekarin.wordpress.com). Included are the details of our adventures and how we are doing, as well as tips on how we made a road trip around the USA happen. It’s important to pursue your dreams to the end, even if you end up with nothing. After all, you only have one life to live; go big or go home. Join me vicariously through this blog – AshleeKarin.wordpress.com – and experience the adventure of my life. Viewer discretion is advised, as you will most likely witness a very hungry person freezing as they sleep in their car. I will always be planning the next great adventure – so don’t miss out, subscribe to the blog today! XoxO (big kiss little hug little kiss big hug ), Ashlee Karin

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