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Bidding on Virgins

What if I told you your virginity is worthless?

Well it is.

Your virginity (or lack of virginity) holds no value to me, or in my opinion, to God.

When the Bible was written X amount of years ago, society’s parents at that time sold their virgin daughters to the highest bidders. Whether in hopes of them having a good life with a wealthy household, or possibly in greed to better their own provisions. Today, however, you will not find it common that parents are selling off their children into marriage. Arranged marriages are far and few between in our culture.

Yet the value religious society places on virginity stands so firmly as some important necessity to being a good and devout partner.

Your virginity is worthless.

Not because you are worthless, but for the exact opposite reason. Your value is not based on your lack of sexual prowess (or your extreme sexual sophistication). Instead you should know you are valuable because You ARE.

I hope parents can take this message to their children, and talk honestly and openly about sex and relationships. This is not a call to go sleeping around, there are still real life consequences to sex; unplanned pregnancies and STDs are two of them. I also believe that emotionally, sex ties yourself to your partner. So it makes leaving unhealthy situations harder, it makes abandonment a little rougher, it makes the hurt of heartbreak a little more real… But these are all decisions and experiences you choose for yourself. Some lessons can only be learned the hard way.

The message I hope you walk away from is that even if you’re hurting, heartbroken, lost, or virginless – you are just as valuable as before and continue to be.

God did not bid on your virginity, He bid for YOU and He went all in with a Royal Flush.

Dan Vernon Photography - Mayhem #2761891

Dan Vernon Photography – Mayhem #2761891

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