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Love. #thisiswholesome

The Honey Maid company took their prowess in snack making to a whole new level when they went against society’s norm, by showing families of many different dispositions.

What is even more beautiful about this commercial is that it is real families, not hand picked actors. (Hear some of their stories by going to the following links: Single DadMilitary DadTwo Dads. Rocker Dad.) The fact that these are real families, however, makes the response to this short commercial even more heartbreaking…  This hidden message promoting love coming in all shapes, sizes, preferences, and colors was met with outrage, hate, and for lack of better words – trolling.

Many companies, backed into a corner by society, either hide or apologize; this company did neither. Instead, they came back with an even greater message; one of love.

Proving that only one thing really matters when it comes to family …

Society has labeled many of today’s modern families as unwholesome  in attempts to rationalize intolerance. This company did the exact opposite, attaching “This is wholesome” to the end of their video. So happy for companies out there that firmly stand their ground for what they believe in. They may not have won the cultural war, but this is one battle they did succeed in.

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.  – James A Baldwin

Remember, we are in the midst of a cultural war – one that promotes intolerance and hatred and masks it as love and rights. The same week the Honey Maid commercial aired, Mississippi signed into law S.B. 2681 which allows those with religious rationales to act out their bigotry, and enjoining government from interfering when they do so; the same concept as the vetoed Arizona bill.

We recognize change is happening every day, from the way in which a family looks today to how a family interacts to the way it is portrayed in media,” marketing director Gary Osifchin says in a statement. “We at Honey Maid continue to evolve and expand our varieties to provide delicious, wholesome products so they can be a part of everyday moments of connection in a world with changing, evolving family dynamics.


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