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South Walton Fashion Week

Spent the month of October getting ready for #swfw first annual runway show. My day went as follows: waiting, waiting, waiting, more waiting, waiting, waiting, here it…gone. Ha! What an adrenaline rush. I could have slept for days afterwards…


2013 GOODE GREEN – Mitchell Trantina

My designer was Jennifer Nina Evans who had just shown the same collection called “Addiction” at New York Fashion Week. Think Hot Topic meets High Fashion. My makeup was modeled after a look the artists described as a “Pretty Skeleton” and my hair was slicked back.

OMG! Famous people sweated in the clothes I am wearing right now! – Me


It was such an awesome experience. I had so much fun and got to meet a lot of awesome people! You can see a video of the three day weekend here. This was the 3rd Fashion show that I have walked in. However, I would definitely consider this the biggest Fashion Show experience that I have been involved with so far!

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Mostly, I am thankful that I did not fall off the stage!

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