Good Ol’ Washington Apples


Oregon was a stunning drive. We were worried there would be snow on the road in January. The warm weather has kept it at bay. All we saw was the immense volcano off in the distance. The drive over the lake was extraordinary through Shasta National Forest! There was some fog but it never hindered our view. California and Oregon just bled together in beauty. Sitting in the middle of a field, just chilling in the snow, was our second sighting of America’s elegant bald eagle. After we were prayed over for super natural gas milage, we got it. Averaging 50mpg going up and down the mountains on HWY 97. It was a fantastic drive, even though it was going to be our longest at 12+ hours.


Adrian was like an excited little kid going to visit his friend in Spokane. We stayed there for a couple nights, and then headed over to Seattle. Luckily, Adrian’s friend had family in the area – so he volunteered to drive us there. With 23,000 miles in 100 days, let me tell you, if someone else wants to drive they can! It was so nice having our friend with us. He played tour guide and showed us all of Spokane and Seattle. Between Coeur de lane and Seattle, we went ice skating, ate at original hamburger joints, visited parks the locals don’t even know about, stopped at the first Starbucks, played arcade games, won at monopoly, lost at monopoly, and gazed at Mt Rainer (our absolute favorite mountain). It was the final stretch of my poison oak, and I was pampered by his mom with an oatmeal bath to dry up my swelling eyes. (Yeah, sexy.)


We actually forgot to stop to get a box of Washington Apples. We didn’t even get any fresh pacific fish. But it’s ok. We will come back one day; we loved Washington. Or maybe we just love our friends who live in Washington, and their family. I specifically remember Adrian stating, “I love Washington! If only it wasn’t so cold.” I am thinking a future summer trip.


It has been an epic adventure. Once in a life time… but we’re going to do it again.

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