I left my heart in San Francisco

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I left my heart in San Francisco.

More like; I left my wallet in Las Vegas, our backpack in San Diego, and my purse in Sacramento.


Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco was beautiful. We were only there for a short time though. In the morning we headed down Haight Street (which Siri pronounces as Hate Street… so we had a lot of fun with that.) We stopped at a coffee shop and ate breakfast. Forgot to take any pictures, and rushed out after breakfast because we didn’t put enough money in the parking meter. Of course we went to The Golden Gate Bridge which was a really awesome sight. I guess I imagined it in my mind to be a bit more… golden.


We spent time at the Fisherman’s Wharf , just sitting and people watching. We ate at a restaurant called Knuckles. It was O.k.


Mostly we enjoyed sitting up the bench, soaking up the sun. The poison oak that decided to claim my neck was really taking over. It was miserable.


(I wasn’t intentionally doing the duck face, Adrian just caught me in a bad moment.)

Actually we missed out on a lot. You see, my neck started itching and the poison oak started spreading. I hadn’t washed all the oils off really good, and my unexpected reaction is a little different to poison oak than my known reaction to when I have gotten into poison ivy. Plus, initially, we thought it was a spider bite, so I didn’t keep my itching to a minimum. We had a Groupon for a romantic Gondola ride and dinner at a nice restaurant and I really wanted to see the curvy road, the steepest hill, and the musical road… but we needed to get somewhere we could feel comfortable to heal and had to pass those up. So we called our new, good friends in Sacramento and made our way there to rest up a couple of days.

Before we got to Sacramento we stopped in a little college town between the two cities… at the moment I cannot remember what the city is called (*edit: Berkeley). You see, this is what happens when I don’t blog right away. I forgot nearly everything. I have to skim through the pictures to be reminded of the things that we did in each city. I actually forgot all about going to Fisherman’s Wharf, and it was one of my favorite parts! I said, “what did we do in San Francisco?” and Adrian said, “Fisherman’s Wharf” and I said,

What the heck did you call me?

Then I pulled up the photo and was instantly brought back to sitting on the bench warming in the sun and strolling by all the vendors, looking out over the ocean.

Now imagine when I actually am in old age, most likely suffering from alzheimers or dementia, and trying to take this kind of adventure because “I’ll just do it when I’m older.” becomes Yeah, I’ll do it when I am older and forgot it immediately. Hah.

Anyways, where was I….

… College town outside of San Fran. We stopped at Cinnaholic – delicious! Had dinner at an Indian restaurant which had amazing curry. Spent hours hanging out in Starbucks, then made our way to Sacramento.


Basically, during the process of meeting and making amazing new friends, we relaxed. We went to church (which was a couple steps from our bedroom door so we didn’t have to go to far), we watched football, we ate pizza. Did I mention we relaxed? We just spent the time healing. It was wonderful. Then we were sent to friends of friends of friends (we call them 3rd generation of Keelan’s friends – we’ve had two of those experiences on the trip. Life savers). So we headed off to Redding, CA. There, we got to go to Bethel Redding… an awesome church! We got to see the largest sun dial in the world! Spent time getting to know more awesome people. We really loved California! Then, after being mostly healed from the poison oak… it was time to finish off the West Coast!


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