We were off to Big Sur. We made a layover in Avila Beach. Visited with family there, spoiled with a chai latte mixed with apple cider (think liquid apple pie, but better). Chilled at a Hot Spring (I wonder how that works?). Since it was getting late we got a hotel and that’s right… watched the ball drop on our laptop! Wow time does fly. It was hard to believe it was New Years Eve!


New Years day we drove through Los Padres National Forest and it was beautiful. Set up camp on Willow Creek road. We had a very romantic dinner at the Treebones, which was the drive right across from where we camped. It was awesome because as we watched the sunset we also enjoyed the spouts coming up from the whales migrating south! It was the start of an awesome experience… it was like the vacation of our adventure.


We hiked up a hill by the campsite and found an awesome view of the Pacific up there. We laid around in the hot tub. Started a campfire.


The weather was perfect… Then the wind rolled in… and boy, oh boy did it roll in. The tent, caught in a wind torrent, whipping back and forth. It was so strong that Adrian and I felt our air mattress lift up underneath us!

“We are going to fly over the Pacific in a tent! What!!”

He hopped out and grabbed the suitcases from the car to weigh us down. It was quite a fun night! The next day was equally full of adventure, and night approached. Since it got dark so quick, we found ourselves reading in bed around 6pm. There was no wind tonight, so every noise around the tent was loud and clear. So the bear making his way to the trailhead right by our tent was very loud.

“Quiet down Bear!”

No, literally… quiet down… there is a real bear! Just as we were getting nervous a very loud van pulled up to camp next to us. We hopped in our car and slept the rest of the night behind locked doors. We weren’t ending up in a bear’s honeypot that night!
Our neighbors and now new friends were very nice. They made breakfast and coffee, and shared. They told us about the low tide and how you could find jade on the beaches. Then I started to have an itchy neck… uh oh.

“Poison Oak is really bad in this area. It’s in the air.”

Well, that’s no good – seeing how I’m really allergic. HAHA.


I left my heart in San Francisco will be up next Sunday! So keep your eyes peeled. 

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  1. happy anniversary!!!!

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