The Trail West (Part 2)

Like mentioned before, we have just been blessed with friends and family in every state we’ve visited. The opportunities have been endless. We’ve found ourself not only ministering to others, but being ministered too as well. One of the many great opportunities happened in Amarillo, Texas. We drove in with the wind blowing at 40mph against our car. Dust was picking up out in the distance. Texas just felt magical. Adrian called up his buddy from college, but his wife had been feeling a little sick so he told us he would call us back about a place to stay. When he got ahold of us a little later he gave us step by step turns to our next stay. It was a Holiday Inn Express; his reasoning was because he knows what it is like to travel and stay at friends and family and not have any time alone. So he wanted us to have the alone time. Our hearts were touched, and tears were brought to our eyes. Yet he didn’t stop there! The whole next day he took off to play our personal tour guide. Spray painting cars. Trekking out 6 miles round trip to the Lighthouse at Paulo Dura Canyon. Refusing to let us pay for anything. We were able to sit in on his Youth Ministry and really enjoyed listening to his message. The experience had just been so touching. Just another one of the many times when we were made to feel so welcome, like we were at our home away from home.


I’d say Texas has been one of our favorite states so far to be in. Atlanta is still probably one of our favorite cities. NYC surprised us as well as a place we truly enjoyed. It is true, though, living this life of adventure is tiring but it is also addicting. I am not sure how we will stop! ha.


Another opportunity sprung up to stay with friends from Church. So we found ourselves driving to Colorado Springs. Man, oh, man it was a beautiful drive. I am just in love with the mountains. They are just so majestical. You know that moment you just feel like you are where you are supposed to be? That is how we felt when we walked into our friends house in Colorado Springs. Every time we looked back on the trip, it just feels like we’ve been where we were supposed to be. Every time we try to make advanced plans on where we are going to be, the plans get changed. Hurricanes, snow storms, and car accidents.  We were welcomed into our friends home. Given suggestions on the best places to go. Treated with home cooked meals and hot breakfast. Filled with great conversation. It was an amazing opportunity. Then they turned around and blessed us with Gondola tickets at Veil Colorado. So our next step was set!


Veil was beautiful. The pass through the mountains was pretty simple. The view on the gondola was breath taking. It was a fantastic experience.


We drove the rest of the day and stayed the night at Mt. Zion. Since we arrived at night, we didn’t know what we were driving past. It was a stunning way to wake up in the morning. We drove up the mountain, and went from no snow to a steep snow covered road. The view was breathtaking.


Since hotels were so cheap we thought we would spend a few days in Las Vegas. So we drove there, and got the hotel for one night. It was enough. Vegas is, well, Vegas. Probably our least favorite place we’ve stopped on the trip. We high tailed it out of there the next morning.


It was time to claim the West Coast! 

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