South Carolina to Atlanta

We took the long way to Atlanta from South Carolina. We stopped at Augusta National Golf Course. They won’t even let you in to take pictures. From there we stopped at a State Park (A.H. Stevens) but decided to keep driving. (Hiked the park for about an hour trying to get the perfect sunset picture. Sunset Drive Trail was very deceiving as there was no sunset in sight). Finally we made it to the city. We were going to crash at a 24 hour Walmart but it ended being a closed at 12 Walmart and we were a little sketched out. So we drove around downtown trying to find the ‘place to be’. A huge mass of college kids were walking and told us to head for a place on Edgewater or Edgewood we didn’t quite catch the name, but going with the flow we followed the directions and found ourselves driving down Edgewood lost. We stopped to ask two girls where is the ‘place to be’ and they said ‘here!’
It was a place right next to a lighting store that looked to be built into an old garage building of some form. We went for it and had a blast. Met two really cool people who let us crash on their couch and use there shower. Not only did we meet two awesome new friends who we hope visit us in Destin, we also got a glimpse of Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) from the Hunger Games. (Pictures below – the darkened shadow in the baseball cap. Didn’t want to be one of those people so I only snapped a picture of him when he wasn’t looking. HAHA.) All in all a great sixth day.
We start the seventh day with aims to make it to an ARC church and then the Georgia Aquarium. Let the day begin!




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